Thursday, August 16, 2012

Full Body Glory Baby!

Hey there friends! This is NOT an easy video to share, seeing how uncomfortable I am with my self image at the moment. So if I seem a little nervous or reluctant you might understand why. I had some blood work done the other day and come to find out my thyroid levels are high. This might explain why I am not losing the weight that I would normally be losing at the level of exercise I have been engaging in. I will most likely be starting medication for that this week. Hopefully we will see some results within a few weeks with weight loss and energy levels. Nothing's gonna get this girl down because this fat is seriously cramping my style! Love & Light, Nirvani


  1. I see you :-) I Love you and am proud to have you for a Friend . Good Luck with all that you are doing to change your life for a Better and Healthier you .. We Will Love you no matter what <3 <3

  2. I love your post and how inspirational you are with your positive attitude! I can relate to you...however mine has been fatigue that has cramped my style and my auto-immune disease. I do have a few body issues too. Thank you for opening up your world via video! Love and peace!