Saturday, August 25, 2012

Distorted Thinking....

       I found this while browsing Tumblr this morning and thought it well worth sharing. I can definitely see myself falling into at least half of these patterns. Distorted thinking creates more havoc in a person's life than just about anything. Frankly, we are what we think. I believe I will print this out and post in on my bathroom mirror and on my refrigerator. 
       Learning to control our thought patterns is not as hard as you might think. The key is in the consistency in which you use to change or rid yourself of negative and potentially harmful thoughts. Learning how to look at these thought patterns without bias and then,(this is very important) replacing them with positive thoughts is absolutely essential to real change. Just as it can be a habit of always thinking negatively, it is a learned behavior to overcome distorted thinking. As my spiritual teacher has conveyed to me time and time again, it is about getting 'real' with yourself. We often believe we are wearing masks for other people to protect ourselves, when in reality we are wearing a mask even for our own self. 
      I began removing some of those masks when I started this blog and admitted to myself and the world, for that matter, that I was in dire need of a transformation of sorts, in mind, body, and spirit. It feels good when you get 'real' with yourself. Initially it can be quite uncomfortable, but when you have, at least for me, you get this incredible feeling of empowerment. So, let's get on with the transformation, because this fat is seriously cramping my style! 

 Love and Light,

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  1. Control over the thought process is compelling. I have been working on this...not easy by any means! I have learned much about myself through the Bible based "Celebrate Recovery" program