Saturday, August 4, 2012

Introduction Video...

I was going to wait to post this video and actually redo it as it was my very first record, but something told me to post it:) Maybe it was to show my viewers that this is the real me...just like any other struggling (cough cough) middle-aged woman. I have a feeling one day I will look back on this video and compare it to some future video where I am amazingly transformed and will say "Wow, that was me in the very beginning of my journey of transformation, look how far I've come!" So here you go....I hope you will stick around for the final to my dressing room now, I've got work to's not easy becoming a star you know;) Love and Light, Nirvani


  1. Looking forward to your next installment!

  2. You are so awesome! Love and Hugs

  3. Hey Nirvani! I loved the video clip! Keep them coming! Getting to know you more! I think all of us women struggle with image issues to some degree just due to our society's outlook on what is considered "beautiful." I have been blessed with a really good metabolism so I have never had to worry about weight (except when I was on hormone replacement therapy...I bloated up to almost 10 pounds over my normal range....I stopped the HRT about 2 years ago and it did take while for the hormones to get out of my system.)

    I have always maintained a fitness regimen except I stopped for about 10 years when I was raising my son...I just did not have the energy since I worked full-time and ran the household on my on......once my son was in his teens and I had more time to myself...I started back walking...and excercising....I was doing well until i got sick with Celiac......I am trying to get back into a regimen you will certainly be a highly motivating factor for me! Thank you!!

    PS. I love your pretty top you are wearing!!! Namaste lovely lady...