Monday, April 29, 2013

Goddess Workout

Hello Fellow Goddesses!

    I have just started week three of my spinal kundalini yoga warms ups. The video is posted on my last post. As of today I am now performing each asana (yoga position) for two minutes. This is a great way to start each morning. I have also started a new workout that I am very excited about! It is Dolphina's Goddess Belly Dance Workout. I just finished up day three. It is a blast! I've always wanted to learn to belly dance and this is a great way to learn the moves and get a fantastic cardio workout. Below is the  warm up video I am using and you can find other videos on her youtube channel...She has quite a few so please feel free to try any of them. They are available for sale at her website Goddess Life or you can view them on Hulu, although with Hulu you will have commercial breaks throughout the routine.

   The spinal warm ups have been quite effective in strengthening my spinal region and my core, not to mention my digestive tract. A problem I have had in the past with exercise is overdoing myself and not listening more closely to what my body was telling me. I am working on listening to what my body needs and slowing down my pace. Some may feel that pushing your body to the brink is a good thing. I disagree with this, many people who workout out to extremes end up with injuries that put them down for weeks or even years. There is nothing wrong with pushing yourself past your comfort zone, but is is equally important to nurture yourself. Treat your body gently. It is the only one you have and is not indestructible.
    During a workout, if you are experiencing pain other than distinct muscle discomfort, this is a message your body is giving you to slow down. The hardest thing for me is patience. I want results now! It does not work like that. For optimum results it is best to start slow, taking baby steps and gradually increasing will ensure that you are making lifestyle changes, rather than taking on too much too soon and then throwing in the towel later on. We all know that feeling! Taking on too much and then giving up.

      To all of you Goddesses out there who are fighting the bulge like I am, it's time to take control. If you feel that you have made no progress at all, just getting up off the couch is half the battle. Remember, baby steps! If I can do it so can you! 


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