Monday, April 15, 2013

Starting Fresh....

Good Morning!

   It's been a while since I last posted and I must say a lot has happened since then. Not very much in the way of weight loss I am afraid, due to unforeseen sickness and health issues. But I am back and ready to start fresh. Today starts Day One to a New Me. I say a New Me because this is not just about weight loss, this is about transformation. Working from the inside out is really the only way to make lasting changes in our lives. I have begun to look at weight loss from a spiritual perspective, as I believe even my very mundane life is a sort of spiritual practice in itself.
   A dear friend of mine, well actually I see her more as a Soul sister, has graciously taken on the job of being my personal trainer. She is a woman who has beat the odds. With major health issues of her own and a weight problem, she turned her own life around with good nutrition and exercise (mainly yoga), and a healthy dose of meditation and spiritual practice, and now is at her ideal weight and healthier than she's ever been. She is a real inspiration to me and someone I know will hold me completely accountable.
     Having just recently begun to get over a terrible bout of the flu, which did quite a number on my health, she has me starting very slow. I will be menu planning and recording calories through My Fitness Pal. The only thing she wants me to focus on this week is creating order in my home, light housework. An uncluttered house equals an uncluttered mind! This might be a challenge in itself when living in a household with five other adults and a three-year-old:) Also I am to do a set of five kundalini yoga poses for back strengthening every day this week. Here is the video for the poses, in which I am spending only one minute per pose on each equaling 10 minutes of yoga time only. This is a great start for anyone who has back issues and beginning yoga. is the link with additional information on each of the five poses and their benefits. If you would like to take on this challenge with me please do! This would be great for anyone who is just starting out like I am. Creating lasting change in our lives is never an easy thing to do...but it can be done with enough motivation and will power and most important is to take baby steps and be gentle with ourselves.


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