Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let's Squat!

Good Morning Goddesses,

    I am on Week 2 of the Goddess Belly Dance workout and it is going incredibly well. I have more energy and feel great, aside from the regular muscle pain. I have decided to take on a 28 Day Squat Challenge....Today was Day 1...I will be checking in here regularly with my progress. I also did my weekly weigh-in and I am down another pound! I am upping the anti to two pounds a week, so it is time to really get on it. I track all my progress at and, so if you would like to friend me on either site under Nirvani Teasley I would love some company. We can motivate and inspire each other! It seems as if everyone is on a fitness and health kick at my house right now...what a way to get ready for summer! Below is the Squat Challenge. I have decided to half the squats as my knees are having some pain. Feel free to jump in and take the challenge...You won't regret it!


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