Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

   I am thoroughly enjoying my Mother's Day. Aside from my dear husband having to work, my children prepared a lovely breakfast for me, with lots of great, chocolate of course, a cute stuffed animal, silly cards and I should have expected the perpetual gag gifts I receive every year. I just have to share!

Yum! Poop and toilet bowl coffee...

My goofball children in cognito...

    I am very proud of myself today, almost lunchtime and I have not had one piece of chocolate yet! The best gift I could have received today is the one I gave myself. A 50-minute Goddess Belly Dance workout! I am going on Day 16 of my Goddess Workouts and am feeling fabulous! 
     I hope all of you beautiful Goddesses out there are pampering yourselves today. If you look at 
fitness and eating healthy as a gift to yourself it puts a whole new perspective on working out:)


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